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The thought to create fully transformable shoes was born three years ago. Rasa was wearing colorful summer clothes that went well with all accessories except the shoes. So, being DIY enthuasiast, she changed some details of her sandals and this was a great success. After that decided to create fully transformable sandals to help other women with their boring shoes problem.

After the idea was born Rasa started looking for partners who could help her with implementation. That’s how Vismantas, who has a master degree in production management, and Sergi, expert of industrial design, joined the team.

Rasa’s experience of making jewelry and her partners’ knowledge in advertising and design fields let them bring the fresh air into the shoemaking and find out-of-the-box solutions when creating transformable ladies’ sandals. After many long trials, countless mistakes, failed models, lengthy searches for partners and loads of samples, we finally arrived at a result we were satisfied with – an easily transformable, comfortable and reliable sandal.

It took us three long years to design a sandal that we could enjoy ourselves and finally dare present to you.


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